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As a Leader we evaluate an reevaluate ourselves all the time. We are dedicated to our personal development and seek growth to excel at what we do. At the same time we strive for a healthy life balance.

We support you as a trusted coach to build your confidence and find your voice, so that you can stand as an authentic visionary leader with a purpose and well defined values. 


As leaders we are often under high pressure and focuse on delivering, while we strive to be present and listen to those that trust and depend on us. This can feel as competing interests.

We support you to find your core center from where to stand, act and meet the daily challenges ahead. We support you with tools to strengthen your ability to meet others with mindful awareness.


As leaders we negotiate daily, from the time to set a meeting to internal discussions on strategy to stakeholder relations, wether those are with company owners, partners or clients. 

We support you to find your voice and negotiation style. We also show how to prepare for a negotiation and  maintain your energy throughout the constant process of negotiating. 

Conflict Resolution

How many times don't we have to deal with conflicts? Between co-workers, competing for resources, or misaligned strategies... you name it. There is always a seebed for conflict. 

We support you to keep the seedbed at a positive level, where competing interests create innovation and growth, rather than an energy draining conflict. And would it come to real conflict, well we have the tools to resolve it too!

Human Interaction Specialist

Vorian Maryssael

As a leadership and business coach specialized in relationship building, negotiations, mediation, and human interaction, I can support your team to develop solid techniques for better communication, collaboration and self-awareness. 

My experience includes leading negotiation training, mediating conflicts and disputes, facilitating intercultural communication and understanding, and providing one2one support and coaching for situational leadership and management to professionals in various fields.

I'm of mixed cultures, with a strong influence from Sweden, Mexico, and Belgium. I've lived, worked, or studied in different parts of the world, including London, Buenos Aires, Vienna, Oslo, and Stavanger.

I speak Swedish, English, and Spanish fluently, and I have a good understanding of Norwegian and French.

Situation Based Leadership

Emotional Balance

Emotional intelligence is about developing empathy towards, and understanding of, the emotions of others. In order to do that you first need to understand and master your own emotions.

How are you doing? Do you feel in mastery of your emotions and are you allowing time for self-recovery?


There are many different communications styles and you will certainly have your own. To make it effective there are skills and techinques you can use, both to be heard, but also to hear others.

How do you listen, reflect back, convey information clearly and get people onboard?

Being Flexible

Flexibility and adaptability. See the needs in the situation and adress them based on the circumstances. Its a constant evaluation and re-evaluatio and meeting the ever changing challenges with an open mind.

How do you do that without loosing yourself and your own bearings? .Do you feel steady and centered in the constant sea of change?


Wether it is identifying and solving problems, managing a conflict or negotiating the strategy moving forward, it involved collaboration and understanding of motivations and needs.

How do you analyze situations, gather information, and make decisions you feel confident in?

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